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Grandpa was a 2nd generation dentist who believed that oral health was directly related to a person’s overall health and well-being. It was his firm belief that Health and Energy begin in the Mouth, so every effort should be made to prevent tooth loss and restore one’s oral health to its full potential.

Within the 75+ years in the dental field, Grandpa took the time for that personal gentle touch in everything he did while keeping up with the times. In his determination to bring health and energy to his patients, he continued to educate himself in new technologies and innovated some of his own. Grandpa definitely set a high bar. Excellence was the goal, the family was his purpose, and goodness became the way. In return, his patients quickly became his greatest friends.

His vision was a simple one: high-quality dental care should be available and affordable to all. He came to America to live his vision with a mission to unite his family under a worthy cause. Together we are better and can accomplish the missions entrusted to us. With his wife by his side, the children began to follow, and soon grandchildren. Together they have touched the lives of thousands of people while helping improve their health through preserving and restoring their confidence.

Under this inspiring legacy today we are Grandpa’s Dental Center and although we have lost some loved ones along the way, their memory and legacy live on and so does Grandpa’s vision: "Health and Energy begins in the mouth.” A constant reminder that this is much more than dentistry. It’s about a person, a mother or father, a daughter or son, an aunt or an uncle, cousin or friend; it’s about you.

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