About Us

Why is the practice called “Grandpa’s Dental”? “Grandpa” was an excellent clinical dentist and consummate family man who believed that if you seek to do good, most everything else will fall into place. After he passed away, his family chose to rename this dental practice “Grandpa’s Dental” as a daily reminder to do good. Our goal is to create affordable access to quality dental care – all the things that would make Grandpa proud!

Why should I choose Grandpa’s Dental? Here at Grandpa’s Dental we feel truly blessed to work with the best patients in the world. Although the name may sound a bit old fashioned, the dentistry is not.

Quality dental care is no accident. It starts with excellent doctors and friendly care staff. Our doctors will work with you to achieve your dental health goals.

Because Grandpa’s Dental Practices work with multiple in-house dentists and specialists, our patients have access to many kinds of treatment, all under one roof. From general and cosmetic dentistry to endodontics and dental implants, most treatments can be completed within our office.

We also realize that your care does not only happen in the dental chair – before, during, and after care you will be working with staff members to schedule appointments or help navigate insurance issues. We work hard to provide the best experience possible for our patients. Inside, you will be welcomed into a clean and up-to-date office, including digital x-rays (low radiation) and HIPAA compliant digital patient charts.

So why should you choose Grandpa’s Dental? How about quality, affordable dentistry provided by excellent doctors, specialists, and a caring staff in a comfortable office? If that sounds like the dental experience you are looking for, call today to schedule your appointment!